Mallory Tater is a writer from Ottawa living in Vancouver.

Her debut book of poetry This Will Be Good (Book*hug Press) was released Spring 2018: https://bookthug.ca/shop/books/this-will-be-good-by-mallory-tater/

Mallory’s poetry & short stories have been published in literary magazines across Canada such as Room, CV2, The Malahat Review, and The Fiddlehead.  She was the recipient of CV2’s 2016 Young Buck Poetry Prize.

She is the publisher of Rahila’s Ghost Press, a poetry chapbook press. 

Her debut novel THE BIRTH YARD is being released with HarperCollins Canada in 2020.  

A recent interview of Mallory on The Fainting Couch Feminist Podcast:  https://soundcloud.com/faintingcouchfeminists/how-to-get-a-book-deal-when-youre-26-feat-mallory-tater